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Orbis helps business and nonprofit leaders who want to determine a clear path forward, strengthen teams, and better communicate with stakeholders. With changing work environments, we designed tools for business planning and strategic planning, team building, and marketing and communication. We offer workshops with guides and worksheets that can be used in a group or self-paced format.

We are Visionaries

Let us show you the path to possibility

I have discovered that I am a visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Perhaps those traits came from my great, great grandmother who homesteaded in northeastern Colorado in the 1880s with 12 children. She made a living by capturing wild horses in a box canyon.
With an inborn love for horses and business, I live in the best of both worlds – as a Wyoming ranch wife and business owner who guides others in their business and personal success.

I’ve recruited a team of dynamic business and leadership consultants, designers and communicators with a common desire. Our mission is to guide business and nonprofit leaders to translate vision into reality through developing growth strategies and enhancing corporate culture.

Orbis has proven tools and resources compiled over 3 decades working with communities and businesses of all types and sizes.


cover of Orbis Values Guide

Orbis Values Guide

Values are the compass that guides our personal and professional fulfillment

Download this digital workbook to bring focus to how your personal values drive your work. Great for personal reflection or team building.

Orbis Vision Guide

Ready to bring life to your dreams? 

Use this step-by-step digital guide to articulate your dreams into a concise vision statement.

Experienced leadership is the Orbis advantage