About Orbis

Orbis is the Latin translation for compass.

We connected with this term, because we guide our clients on the path to mission accomplishment.

Our work is grounded by a deep sense of community pride, appreciation for history, and a desire to build strong businesses that have positive and enduring impact.

Our office is located in the LaGrange Heritage Square – the former LaGrange High School building turned into a community and business center. This provides the perfect creative environment for our team to be inspired by heritage and continued learning to dream big dreams with our clients.

Our mission is to guide growing businesses, corporate and nonprofit leaders, and the future workforce to translate vision into reality through developing growth strategies and influencing public policy.

We are leaders in shaping economic policy and advancing business connections to strengthen communities.

We are visionaries

We are forward thinkers who discover and capitalize on untapped potential.

We respect heritage

We understand where we come from shapes our future.

We are active citizens

We invest in our communities and instill civic pride to create positive change.

We are hospitable

We strive to create a space where individuals feel valued, respected, and inspired.

We are motivated

We view our work ethic as a competitive advantage in crafting industry-leading solutions.

We believe in a higher calling

Our faith, family, and mindfulness guide our decisions.

The Orbis Promise

With integrity, accountability, and creativity…

  • We offer market research and industry knowledge that supports the business case for private and public sector initiatives.
  • We engage stakeholders to identify issues, propose solutions, and garner approval for policy, programs, and services.

Experienced leadership is the Orbis advantage