WY Ag in the Classroom – Team Building

project description

Orbis Advantage Inc. guided the staff of Wyoming Ag in the Classroom through a five-step process to explore the world through the Enneagram’s nine different points of view. Orbis has found the Enneagram to be a useful tool in understanding how to use one’s strengths and gifts to find meaningful work and to work well with others. 

team building
team building

Lisa Johnson and Dr. LeAnn Smith engaged the team, challenging them with ideas on how to practically use the Enneagram.  Participants shared how the workshop helped them better understand their roles in the organization and how to support one another.

“I knew what was in my job description, and now I see my place on the team.”

For more ideas how your organization can benefit from a team building workshop, we invite you to read “Exploring the Enneagram with your team”.


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